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        Thinking of suicide? Please ll 1-833-456-4566 toll free (In QC: 1-866-277-3553), 24/7 or visit Talk Suicide nada.

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        Everyone deserves to feel well.

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        Are you feeling low, stressed or anxious?

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        Welcome to the CMHA National website.

        With 330 community lotions, CMHA is a nationwide organization that promotes mental health and supports people recovering from mental illness.

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        CMHA welcomes decriminalization of some illicit substances in BC, lls for more action

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        CMHA Mental Health Week is all about empathy.

        #GetReal about how to help.

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        Mentally healthy workplaces invest in their employees

        Learn how Not Myself Today n help

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        Most nadians worry COVID will never go away

        New research shows chronic stress taking toll on individuals and organizations?

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        Free Mental Health re Now

        Join our mpaign to make mental health a top priority.

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        Running on Empty

        How community mental health organizations have fared on the frontlines of the pandemic

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        What’s New

        Fiona’s Story

        In remote communities, re might not exist. Unless you n pay. In 2003, Fiona and her family me to Whitehorse as sponsored refugees from Kosovo. Her mental health declined almost…

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        Fiona’s Story

        Claire’s Story

        She’s seen people die from substance use during the pandemic. Claire was staff at the Overdose Prevention Site when she started helping Mark. He was only 13 years old. “He…

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        Claire’s Story

        Jillian’s story

        She’s young and in a state of upheaval. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on youth. Jillian among them. “I’ve been really struggling with my mental health. I’m lonely and isolated,…

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        Jillian’s story

        Bill’s Story

        Coming back from the brink of suicide. Bill has attempted suicide 8 times. Depression and his financial troubles are his triggers. Bill lls himself lucky. Here’s why: he has a…

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        Bill’s Story
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